Friday, March 2, 2012

The Renegade Lunch Lady partners with Whole Foods

Join the school lunch revolution! We can make a difference one choice at a time!

The Renegade Lunch lady has been working to bring healthier food into schools for the last ten years. Chef Ann Cooper has dedicated her life to inspiring people by speaking about her love for food and hopes to change the way people think about food. She touches audience all across the country with how super passionate she is about nutrition and protecting the environment. Below, she shows us how to build a better lunch.

She shares some ideas on how to feed your family practical, economical and tasty lunches.

Some key things I learned from her:

1. We throw out 20 million plastic sandwich bags per day. WHOA!

2. If we keep eating and consuming at the current status quo, 1 in 3 adults will have diabetes at some time in their life. Double WHOA!

3. You can make some small adjustments to the old favorites, by making a few smarter choices at the grocery store (ie: whole fruit spreads instead of jam with high fructose syrup or use whole wheat pasta instead of regular)

4. How to use leftover dinners for the next days lunch creatively

See what Chef Ann The Renegade Lunch Lady is all about!
Find a whole foods store near you.

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