Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cooking Peanut Butter Banana Spirals for Meatless Monday

I like her. I think she's really cute, plus gives a lot of fun food facts in a clear and concise way. Get your kids to help make their snacks, and take baby steps in improving the everyday ingredients that you're used to.

  • add wheatgerm or flax to things for added fiber and omega 3's (buy it whole and then grind it with your husbands coffee grinder - oops, that's what I do...but be prepared for him to get mad at you!)
  • use whole grain (bread, pasta, tortillas, frozen waffles, rice) whenever you can. Usually they're about the same price, and I don't really see that big of a taste difference
  • not buying/eating meat will improve your health and save natural resources. You won't even notice...Beans, tofu, even a little less meat in every meal and it will make a big impact in the long run if you want to live until you're 100!
Going meatless once a week, not only helps YOU but also helps the world! YAY!

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