Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amazing Pinterest Kids Food Ideas!

It never ceases to amaze me the ideas people come up with in terms of food and creativity! Pinterest is a site that has interested me for a few years now for design related inspiration, but there are all sorts of healthy kids snack and meal ideas. If you're looking for super cute, look no farther.

You can search the site for specific terms like "Healthy Food For Kids" and get photos and ideas for all kinds of cool stuff. Since my son loves "Cars", he'd go crazy for this Mater sandwich. Whoever creates these things, still blows my mind! It's like part edible and part art. No kid could ever get bored with a mom that makes him a sandwich like this.

Had to add these Bert and Ernie fruit snacks. Super adorable! Who knew what you could do with a plain orange, a boring old banana and some raisins.

Check out a whole bunch of ideas here.

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