Friday, November 9, 2012

Disappointed with Prop 37's defeat!

You think you have the right to know? Who do you think you are?

There was no way even getting together semi-famous celeb types could compete with the big money and deceptive ads of companies like Mansanto, Pepsi Co and Kraft.

You may have seen the primetime ads saying that voting Yes on Prop 37: Labeling foods with GMO's would raise the average americans grocery bill by $400...and that the defunct way the proposition was written would result in millions of dollars in lawsuits.


I never saw this video, so you probably didn't either. Good information should be as available the ones that have big money backing the message. How can we accomplish this more effectively?

Where does change start? Although the bill may have not been perfect, we deserve to know what's in the pretty packaged food we buy for our kids to eat. Is it made with genetically engineered corn? Will consuming it every day of our lives result in getting cancer? We need to start demanding transparency even if it has drawbacks in the beginning stages. As consumers, parents and educators - we need to start expecting the truth. If we still want to buy their product, then it's our fault but at the very least we deserve to be able to make an informed decision.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BPA (Bisphenol A) Linked To ChildHood Obesity

BPA Free, we've all seen it on certain plastics. Especially if you have kids, you've seen the chemical banned by the FDA on baby bottles and sippy cups. That means, there is some truth to it's side effects on our health. Watch the video below to learn how BPA effects our fat cells. It's contained in more things that we use everyday than we realize...

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Did you know that BPA is found in certain kinds of plastic water bottles, tupperware, the inside lining of soup cans, juice boxes, other canned fruits and veggies?!

Learn More here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Sporks Childhood Obesity Infographic

Little Spork and his friends have a few facts about how kids are affected by obesity, some causes and the current state of where America is right now. This stuff doesn't necessarily get taught in schools, so it's up to us to educate people that are unaware.

It's meant to start a conversation with your kids. To answer some questions, that might need some explanation...Let's talk about it. 

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Download a printable version.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Childhood Obesity Documentary - ABC with Meredith Viera

An 8min Childhood Obesity documentary by ABC news with Meredith Viera talks about how parents need to be aware of, educated about and engaged with what's going on with their kids. The video sheds some light on the obstacles that parents, as well was their kids face and how to combat them. It also talks about what will happen, if we don't do anything as a society to solve these problems.
Screenshots that highlight the video, below.
A 12 year old boy helps to cut up vegetables in preparation for a sit down dinner with his family. Kids can pitch in since parents work longer hours and have a longer commute.

Has it become common place for us to eat high saturated fat diets sans any veggies and with an extra helping of refined carbs. Is this really going to give kids the energy they need to succeed?

An overweight kid eats what is prepared in a typical school cafeteria.

Ugh, more staples of saturated fats and nitrates fill our kids diets.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Michelle Obama: White House Dinner for Kids That Cook

I love the fact that Michelle Obama is just as active in making our country a better place with her "Let's Move Initiative", as our president is trying to change our nation. She is passionate about what she believes in and is an inspiration to working moms everywhere. Her works helps combat childhood obesity at the highest possible level.

She works hard on healthy eating initiatives, especially when it comes to our nations youth. 56 kids were invited to the White House to share their healthy/tasty/affordable recipes, which had to be one of the "coolest" moments of their lives.

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That "Secret Service" salad sounds pretty tasty to me!