Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kale Smoothies for Kids - Hiding Green Veggies

I came across a cute blog (in design and also intentions) called For The Love Of Food that featured this Kale Smoothie recipe and all kinds of raw, plant-based, healthy recipes. Heck, I'm an adult and I can't resist a GOOD TASTING recipe that secretly hides something I know I should eat more of... in it. My son would love the bright color because it looks enticing, and I love the fact that Kale contains a tremendous amount of Vitamin A, C and K as well as something we could all use more of...good old FIBER!

I've been experimenting with adding Kale to some of the meals I make my family, and I failed on all accounts. Everyone raves about Kale chips, but mine ended up burning and tasting bitter and gross. I also don't think they look that appealing, no matter what anyone says about the crunch being just like regular potato chips. I tried to use it in place of spinach in dishes that I normally make but it's too coarse and needs to be cooked down. This smoothie is a great way to hide it in a sweet way....

Sonnet, from "The Love Of Food" says:

The key to making a green smoothie is to blend, blend, blend! Making a smoothie with your child is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen and create a healthy snack together. Kids will love the green color and you'll be surprised by how much they also love the taste!

Kale Smoothie for Kids
Yields: 4 servings

12 ounces 100% apple juice
3 - 4 large kale leaves (stem removed)
3 bananas (peel removed)
2 cups of ice

Blend juice and greens for about one minute on high. Make sure the greens are thoroughly blended. Then add the banana & ice and blend for an additional 30 seconds, until smooth.

mmm. YUMM-O! try adding a dash of almond, vanilla or honey to it for extra yummy factor.

See the full recipe and more pictures.

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  1. Hi Erin,
    Thanks so much for featuring my recipe on your blog! I'm so glad you enjoyed the smoothie! I'm always looking for blogs centered around kids and food so I can't wait to keep reading yours!