Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flavored Milk Contains as Much Sugar as Soda

WTF? I never even knew about these things, until I researched them just now. I feel stupid because I even pride myself in taking the time to read labels and like to keep educated about what I put into my body. I used to LOVE chocolate milk...or even remember making strawberry milk from the container with the loveable bunny character on it. QUIK! Ugh, I can't believe my parents let me drink that stuff.

I am constantly amazed (but not in a good way) at how bad our food is. I don't know if it's just america, or if it's a worldwide epidemic but it's seriously gotta stop. I mean, no one is really forcing all that sugar down our throats but when we make decisions from what's in front of us no one questions it.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution went to Huntington, W.V., one of America's unhealthiest cities. This year, he was off to one of its largest. Once there, he met resistance at just about every corner. In an attempt to shock them, he decided to turn his attention to the flavored milk available in the school. While the perception is that this is a healthier alternative, it actually contains as much sugar as soda. So he set up a dramatic demonstration.

He dumped a week's worth of sugar onto and into a school bus. Unfortunately, only about 25 people showed up for the presentation, but a revolution can start with just a few.

"Yeah, I'm trying to make it dramatic because I want people to care, and at the moment it's just us," Jamie said to the crowd. The lack of concern in the area was very disconcerting to him in this premiere episode, but he's not done fighting for the kids and people of Los Angeles.

Flavored milk sounds like it'd be a better choice than say a Pepsi, but really it has around 31 GRAMS of sugar in it. From now on, I think we should petition to change our nutrition labels to look like actual visual representations of mounds of sugar or whatever else is in the product that we're buying. Man, is this what I'm missing out on when I refuse to watch mainstream television? Kudos to ABC for actually showing some pertinent programming past "The Bachelorette" and "Cougartown". =P

View more full episodes of Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver on Hulu.

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