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Top Healthy Eating & Food iPhone Apps

If you've nicknamed your iphone "your BFF", then this article is for you. You know it's a quick source of information and education on the go and looks after you and checks you on things that even your bestest bestie isn't always available to do. There's cheap to free apps out there that will help you with every obstacle to eating and maintaining your health. Apps are available to automatically tell you:

What produce is in season when you’re grocery shopping, because it's usually the...
  1. Freshest
  2. Cheapest
  3. Best for the environment because it's travelled a smaller distance to get to the store
....or which fast food menu item is healthiest? Did you get your fill of water today? What exactly is that 18 syllable word in the ingredients list of your fave cookies?

Let's check em out:

Grocery Gadget Shopping List

dried red pepper

Why it’s cool: Say you write you wrote a grocery list, but left it at home in your rush on the way to work. Or perhaps your husband is already out, but doesn’t know which ingredients you’re lacking to make dinner. With this app, both these scenarios are solved.
Grocery Gadget Shopping List allows you to write a list on the web browser and automatically sync up with your iPhone, so there’s less chance of accidentally leaving your list on the coffee table. Similarly, if you add a list on your iPhone, it automatically shows up on your husband’s iPhone, too (provided he also has the app). Bonus: this is one more way he can never "forget" to pick up tampons for you at the store.
Price: $2.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch


Why it’s cool: Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or are simply seeking a veggie-friendly restaurant, VegOut will find a suitable eatery in your desired location, sorted by distance. Plus, since the app is powered by, each restaurant already has consumer-reviewed star-ratings, so you can tell whether the place’s food was a hit with fellow diners.
Price: $2.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch


Why it’s cool: Raspberries, mangoes and kale, oh my! To find out what produce is in season, take to this iPhone app. Locavore automatically detects the state you’re in and lists the foods that are at their peak freshness.
In case you’re suddenly jonesing for a perfect summer peach, the app also maps out the nearest farmer’s markets according to your location. Unfortunately, there’s no telling whether these markets will actually have your desired seasonal pick available. Still, it’s a step in the right direction.
Price: $2.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch

Nutrition Menu – Calorie Counter

Why it’s cool: This is the mother of all iPhone calorie counters. With over 78,000 foods to choose from (including popular restaurant picks), you’ll know exactly how many calories (not to mention fat, carbs, protein, cholesterol, sodium, sugar and fiber) you’re eating, which makes it easy to keep track of your food intake, even if you’re following specific dietary plans like Weight Watchers or low-carb.
Price: $2.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch

Good Food Near You

Why it’s cool: On-the-go with only fast food joints nearby? Greasy, mass-produced food isn’t your only option anymore. Type your location into this app and it’ll list healthy choices from nearby eateries. Whether you’re traveling or just nursing an unexpected hunger pang while out and about, Good Food Near You helps you make an informed decision before grabbing the nearest burger.
Price: Free
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch

Food Additives

Why it’s cool: If you’ve ever perused an ingredient list on a particular packaged food and wondered what acetic acid, ethyl maltol, or sodium nitrate really is, this app is for you. This program lists over 450 (yes, 450) additives, which you can sort by name, number, diet type, and more.
Moreover, once you determine what Ingredient X actually is, the app informs you of potential side effects, maximum daily intake, and dietary restrictions. So hardcore vegetarians, for instance, can rejoice -- now they’ll know if an ingredient is animal-based. Then again, not everybody will be happy to know exactly what that their favorite cookie or ice cream indulgence contains...
Price: $3.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch

Seafood Guide

Why it’s cool: Before you settle on the grouper at the grocery store or the yellow fin tuna at your favorite sushi joint, check the Seafood Guide to see if your choices are sustainable. Sure, the sea bass may be tasty, but with certain species being overfished and in danger of extinction, playing it smart with this Monteray Bay Aquarium app makes you a more responsible eater.
Price: Free
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch


Why it’s cool: If you have trouble drinking enough water everyday, you may find a little more impetus with this app. Plug in your desired daily intake amount, and as you log your water intake throughout the day, an onscreen water jug graphic fills up, giving you visual motivation to reach your goal.
You can also customize preset container amounts, so no more excuses. Logging your regular morning mug of tea or your designated gym Nalgene bottle can be done with just one click.
Price: $1.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch

New healthy food iPhone apps are making eating well easier than ever! Hope you found the roundup of the best healthy eating iPhone applications useful. You can have these with you for times when you’re cravings take over and your brain is on cruise control. Full article from Fitness Magazine.

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