Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Learn to Compare Juice Box Labels

We all love juice, and we all love convenience but we need to learn how to read labels and choose from the myriad of different choices that await us at the grocery store. There is 100% juice, there's stuff that's packaged and marketed like it's healthy, and then there's stuff that you should probably just leave on the shelves. A registered dietician educates us on how to make better choices...

Comparing Juice Box Labels

There's 25 grams of sugar or 6 tsp (4 grams = 1 tsp) in one typical juicebox. About half a cup of sugar in 3 juice boxes. If your child drinks 3 per week for an entire year that's 8.6 pounds of sugar!

Don't look at the front of packaging, turn it to the side and look at the ingredients. Look for the first couple main ingredients, those are found in the biggest quantity in the juice. Look for added sugars and added vitamins that aren't naturally occuring. Look for juices that are mostly from the actual fruit itself.

My personal preference is buying a big jug of 100% juice and water them down by at least %50 and put them in sippy cups. I like the Adam and Eve Veggie and Fruit Juice combo called Fruitables. Oh yeah, my son likes it too. : )

Here's a new site that helps people determine better ways to quench their thirst!

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