Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eat Better Tip of The Day - Eat More Whole Grains

You've heard it before.

Whether it was from your mom or maybe just an episode you saw on Dr. Oz one day. Eating more whole grains can keep us slim and trim, as well as can fight heart disease or high cholesterol. Don't believe me? Well, there's actually a Whole Grains Council that helps consumers find whole grain foods and understand their health benefits; helps manufacturers create delicious whole grain products; and helps the media write accurate, compelling stories about whole grains.

Here's my idea for today:
Put them where you can see them. Clean out your pantry and place them visibly on your counter so that it's a reminder to eat them!

I got this idea from a book called "Big Book of Small Cool Spaces" by Apartment Therapy. Actually, it was part of a kitchen idea that the page wasn't really focusing on, but I saw these Mason Jars on the top of someones shelves and it gave me this idea. Luckily, I happened to have lot of different grains hiding in the back of my pantry in containers that I long forgot about. I also happened to have 6 or so mason jars from previous craft and canning experiments.

Grains in their natural state, in dry format and in bulk are cheap and good for you. You can find them almost anywhere and they are very versatile. Here I have: Oatmeal, Flax Seeds, Barley, Popcorn, Lentils and Brown Rice. Nothing very exotic or fancy, just the basic staples that can be used in a lot of different recipes. I admit that I don't use them as much as I should, but it's a visual reminder everyday when I make a meal (or don't make a meal) that I should be eating whole grains like these more often.

Mason jars are cheap and can have a variety of uses (like holding paint, giving edible gifts, a home for a fish). They are also clear, so you can't forget about what you have. You can see the different ingredients and keep them in mind when thinking about what to have for dinner. You won't waste as much food, and you'll save money in buying foods that aren't processed. They also look kinda nice displayed on your counter!

Do you have some healthy food tips? I'd love to hear them.

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