Friday, November 9, 2012

Disappointed with Prop 37's defeat!

You think you have the right to know? Who do you think you are?

There was no way even getting together semi-famous celeb types could compete with the big money and deceptive ads of companies like Mansanto, Pepsi Co and Kraft.

You may have seen the primetime ads saying that voting Yes on Prop 37: Labeling foods with GMO's would raise the average americans grocery bill by $400...and that the defunct way the proposition was written would result in millions of dollars in lawsuits.


I never saw this video, so you probably didn't either. Good information should be as available the ones that have big money backing the message. How can we accomplish this more effectively?

Where does change start? Although the bill may have not been perfect, we deserve to know what's in the pretty packaged food we buy for our kids to eat. Is it made with genetically engineered corn? Will consuming it every day of our lives result in getting cancer? We need to start demanding transparency even if it has drawbacks in the beginning stages. As consumers, parents and educators - we need to start expecting the truth. If we still want to buy their product, then it's our fault but at the very least we deserve to be able to make an informed decision.

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