Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Childhood Obesity Documentary - ABC with Meredith Viera

An 8min Childhood Obesity documentary by ABC news with Meredith Viera talks about how parents need to be aware of, educated about and engaged with what's going on with their kids. The video sheds some light on the obstacles that parents, as well was their kids face and how to combat them. It also talks about what will happen, if we don't do anything as a society to solve these problems.
Screenshots that highlight the video, below.
A 12 year old boy helps to cut up vegetables in preparation for a sit down dinner with his family. Kids can pitch in since parents work longer hours and have a longer commute.

Has it become common place for us to eat high saturated fat diets sans any veggies and with an extra helping of refined carbs. Is this really going to give kids the energy they need to succeed?

An overweight kid eats what is prepared in a typical school cafeteria.

Ugh, more staples of saturated fats and nitrates fill our kids diets.

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