Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Awesome Fun Food Ideas From Yumterest!

You've heard of Pinterest, right? Well, when there's a good idea that catches on there's always spawns with unique niches. Queue in a Pinterest but exclusively for food. Here are a few of my favorites, that hopefully inspire you to add more fun to your families lives. Enjoy!

 Waffle and Banana Icecream cone for breakfast.

 Rainbow stack of pancakes would make any kid happy! A little food coloring (with hidden flax seed) never hurt anybody.

 Whole wheat monkey sandwich with almond eyes. Not sure how they did the cutouts.

 This is an absolutely adorable take on a fruit salad...and fairly easy to create. Be sure to take a picture before it gets dismantled!

 Looks really detailed, but it's just a cherry tomato cut in half and an olive ...some chives. GREAT IDEA!

 Bugles, I think they're called with cheese sticks and bologna or ham eraser tip. Think of how cool your kid will feel when he brings these into the class party?!

 Another simple take on a typical breakfast food. Just add toothpicks and marshmallows for eyes. Edible markers can be found at Michaels or online.

...and last but not least, what kid doesn't love a puzzle and playing with his food. Make sandwiches interesting and interactive using whatever bread and filling your normally give to them!

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